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If search engines can’t find your business, how can customers?

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You may not realise it, but your business information can be found all over the Web.

Inconsistent or missing business information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks and search engines can cost you real sales, decrease your search rankings and could damage your brand.


EverywhereSync - Making it easy for customers to find you online

Not that long ago people used the Yellow Pages to find businesses. Today people use many different online search engines to find business information. Like street signs or billboards do offline, a strong digital presence ensures that customers who search online find their way to local businesses in person. To give a better chance of success, every business needs a strong digital presence.

A complete digital presence includes: mobile responsive website, organic search ranking, social media profiles & posts, customer reviews and online directory listings.

Why is it important?

Today, 4 in 5 consumers search for local businesses online. When consumers find incorrect information about a business online, 73% lose trust in that business. And incorrect information abounds - our experience working with many local businesses shows that the majority of location info online is wrong!

Why is so much information incorrect?

Because there's no permanent record or single source of location data online. This is a HUGE problem that EverywhereSync - Digital Presence Management helps to solve.

EverywhereSync takes control over over 25 different pubishers

The directories, apps, social networks & search engines we keep updated and locked in for our clients daily

Everywhere Digital helps your business take control of your digital presence

We do this by:

  • Getting you listed everywhere across 25+ search engines, sites and apps
  • Controlling your information from one central dashboard saving you time and money
  • Correcting and enhancing your information
  • Keeping your digital presence fresh with real-time updates
  • Tracking the performance of your listings

The directories, apps, social networks & search engines we keep updated and locked in for our clients daily

Why managing your digital presence is critical

Doing nothing puts your business at risk. In this digital age - an age of intelligent search, voice search and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - it actually does matter to have the exact same name, address, and phone number listed on as many authoritative search engines, online directories and maps as possible. Even if they don't seem like a problem to you, inconsistent citations can seriously confuse Google and the other search engines and hurt your SEO.

To solve the problem, we can help you get listed across multiple sites, correct listings with bad data, and control how your business shows up online. It's not just about correcting wrong information.

Listings that are complete with enhanced content receive 416% more views than those without.

  • You can also get a clickable featured message that shows up on every one of your listings. Use this powerful feature to prompt calls to action highlighting seasonal promotions, coupons or updates. Link to blog articles, Facebook or specially crafted landing pages for an extra boost to your conversions.
  • You can also add rich content like your logo, staff bios, menus, photos, videos and hours of operation.
  • We also give you access to customer reviews, analytics to track your listings' performance and social posting on Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, and Google My Business.

Integrated Technology with online sites and directories means that you're in complete control of the information displayed to your customers online. What we put into the platform is exactly what your customers see and cannot be overwritten by anyone but you.

Duplicate Suppression will solve SEO-damaging duplicate listings and keep them from reappearing.

Real-Time Updates means that your business information will be 100% up-to-date all the time - no delays.

Consistent citations are good for Google rankings

Be found! See first-hand how Everywhere Digital can help your business better manage its digital presence and attract more customers

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